300 30×36 Disposable Pet Dog Puppy Training Wee Wee Underpad Pad Pee Moderate 


Our quality pads are hospital, medical grade. Luffy and made from soft material. They are soft and non-irritating draw sheets. Fluffier than ever, these underpads are designed to draw fluid away from the skin while reducing odors. The absorbent polymer construction keeps skin clean and dry. Luff core with superior mat configuration. Heat-sealed, non-woven edges […]

300 30×36 Thick Heavy Absorbency Dog Pet Puppy Cat Training Housebreaking Pads 


30 X 36 Inch. Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex. NOTE: THESE ARE REGULAR HUMAN BEDPADS THAT CAN BE USED AS ALTERNATIVE FOR DOG WEE WEE PADS. Fluff core with superior mat configuration. Heat-sealed, non-woven edges are gentle on skin. Soft, non-woven bonded topsheet promotes rapid fluid acquisition. Super absorbent polymer locks wetness away and […]

600 30×36 Dog Puppy Training Wee Wee Pee Pads Underpads Pet Cat Piddle Mckesson 


MEDICAL GRADE – MADE IN THE USA! 600- 30×36 MEDICAL GRADE Puppy Pee Pads +. Please note sizes listed are cut sizes. Final product will vary 2 inches in each direction. Pad color may vary. Puppy Pee Pads are used as a training aid for puppies or older dogs! A great product if you live […]