Aeolus GEMINI Parallel Dual Motor Grooming Dryer Dog Pet Grooming 


Aeolus GEMINI Parallel Dual Motor Grooming Dryer. Dont call me INSANE! Well, although it may be the strongest dual motor dryer in the world at this moment, please do not call it insane. It dries large breeds fast! Incredible blow force of 955g exceeds most similar dryers in the world. Natural heat generated by two […]

Aeolus Mango Super Dryer Dog Pet Grooming 


Aeolus Mango Super Dryer. AEOLUS Mango Super Dryer. Its the most powerful single motor blaster in the world. This dryer has a blow force of 895g and a wind speed of 90m/s. Light green mango colour. Australian 240V power plug. 2200W, Net weight 4.75kg, Blow Force 895g, Maximum Wind Speed 90m/s. AEOLUS Mango Super Dryer […]