PET DOG CAT HORSE Grooming Oster TURBO A5 1 Speed Clipper & 10 CRYOGENX blade 


Oster Turbo 1-speed clipper. When you’re looking for an economical, reliable dog clipper the Oster® TURBO A5® Single Speed Clipper has been the industry standard for years. Single speed dog clippers wear out less frequently than 2 speed or variable dog clippers. The Oster® TURBO A5® Clipper has 45 watts of power and an insulated […]

DOG CAT PET HORSE Grooming Oster GOLDEN A5 1 speed Clipper & 10 bladeNEW MODEL 


OSTER GOLDEN A5 One-Speed Clipper. With #10 Cryogen-X Blade. This is the newest model Oster GOLDEN A5 ONE. The Oster® Golden A5 Single-Speed Clippers are powerful workhorses with the speed to handle your toughest grooming jobs. The Golden A5 gives you both comfort and versatility with a powerful cooler running Universal Motor, and the Oster® […]