34 Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub Stainless Steel Professional Bathtub Staircase UK 


This professional pet stainless steel bathtub has all the conveniences and needs of today’s pet beauticians. It is made of stainless steel, and is adjustable to accommodate large and small dogs. It also has a waterproof seal to prevent water leakage. This stainless steel bathtub is detachable for easy storage. Made of stainless steel, enabling […]

34 Professional Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Bath Tub Dog Cat WithStairs 


Spindle motor and inverter VFD. Sports & Outdoors kits. Steam Generator For Bath. Welding and Polishing Machine. 34 Professional Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Bath Tub Dog Cat W/Stairs. This professional pet stainless steel bathtub has all the conveniences and needs of today’s pet beauticians. It is made of stainless steel, and is adjustable to accommodate […]

34 Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Bath Tub Dog Cat With Retractable Stairs 


Spindle Motor and Inverter VFD. You may also like. 30MPa Air Compressor Pump PCP Electric High Pressure System Rifle Hot Sale 220V. Cleaner Removal Easy Ear Wax Swab Ear wax Remover Spiral Soft Ear pick Tool. NEW ITEM 8 x 16 750W Variable-Speed Mini Metal Lathe Bench Top Digital. Stainless Steel Mount Standing Kitchen Sink […]

38”-62” Pet Dog Cat Wash Shower Grooming Bath Tub Professional Stainless Steel 


Sign up to Newsletters. 38″/50″/62 Professional Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Bath Tub With Faucet With Walk-in Ramp / Electric Lift Height. Here we will offer you. Of pet grooming bath tub with different sizes and doors for optional. Type A: Walk-in Ramp (size: 50″/62″; door: left/right). Type B: Electric Lift Height (size: 50; door: […]

Home Pet Spa Mobile Pet Dog Washing & Grooming Bath Enclosure in/outdoor Mocha 


Is a versatile, portable enclosure for small to large size dogs. With a Home Pet Spa it is easy and cost-effective to wash your pet with no mess, no fuss, and in the privacy of your own home. THE COLOR DESERT CAMO /MOCHA. Mist Jets for Total Soaking. Entry and Exit Doors. Easy Connection to […]

50” Pet Dog Grooming Bath Tub Stainless Steel Professional Wash Station Salon 


PREMIUM QUALITY- Constructed with anti-rust stainless steel, this dog grooming tub is sturdy, non-deformation and used for long time. Able to bear weights of 260lbs. COMPLETELY WATERTIGHT- Easily opened door and three-sided coaming, equipped watertight seals effectively prevent water from leakage and splashing. Good dog washing station of high quality. EASE OF STORAGE- The dog […]

50 Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub Grooming Bathtub for Dog Pet Salon 


304 STAINLESS STEEL- 304 stainless steel body looks shiny and elegant. Grooming tub can accommodate all sizes of dogs and is designed for long-lasting use thanks to its durable material. HIGH PRESSURE SPRAYER & SHAMPOO RACK- High pressure sprayer with chromium coating and brass core is durable and anti-rust. Cold and hot water is both […]

MiMu Raised Dog Bathtub in Blue Medium Pet Grooming Tub Elevated Dog Bath Tub 


Add to Favorite Sellers. Sign up to Newsletter. Irwin Industrial (Vise Grip). PBT (Private Brand Tools). View more great items. MiMu Agility Training Poles – Backyard Dog Agility Equipment Weaving Poles. MiMu Agility Hoop Set for Dogs – Backyard Dog Agility Equipment Training Hoop. MiMu Dog Agility Equipment Obstacle Course with Full-Size Tunnel – Weave […]



MASTER EQUIPMENT PROFESSIONAL GROOMING PRODUCTS. Master Equipment Duo Bathe Pro Bather Bathing System Kit. Need to take the guesswork out of bathing? This convenient, wall-mounted Master Equipment Deluxe Bathing System connects to existing water pressure to automatically dilute and dispense a massaging mix of concentrated shampoos and conditioners. System can be connected to two bottles […]

38 Stainless Steel for Pet Dog Cat Wash Grooming Small-Medium Bath Tub Bathtub 


EXCELLENT MATERIAL- This dog washing station is made of 304 stainless steel, anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, and sturdy enough. It is also non-deformation and water leakage-proof for long time use. ANTI-SLIDE DESIGN- Anti-slide patterns at the bottom of the dog wash tub can prevent pets from slipping. Keep pet’s safety on shampoo bathing. CONVENIENT WASHING- The dog […]